RealBridge Bidding Contest - March 2024 Rankings

The question setter was up to his old tricks again this month. Whilst the February competition saw around 75 of competitors out of around 1,000 score in the 70s, this month only around 25 managed out of close to 2,000 managed to break that mark.

With the highest score from any panelist only 74/80 this month, those leading the competition entrants are all to be highly commended. This month’s competition finished in a tie with an excellent score of 78/80 between…

Li Mingzhe from China


Nikos Roubeglis from Greece



Li is a 24-year-old graduate who has been playing bridge at the University of Science and Technology of China for over five years. He mainly participates in school competitions. He secured 2nd place in the school Club Cup and 6th place in the bdzzx Cup Invitational Doubles Tournament this year. Li says, “Throughout my journey, I have been fortunate to have the guidance and support of my best teammate, Master Chen.”

Nikos is a 52-year old mechanical engineer living in Athens, Greece. He is married with a son and a daughter. Nikos says, “I have played bridge since 2014. I also love chess and music. I hope in the near future to have more free time to dedicate to this beautiful game!"

Other competitors on the March Honour Roll are, with 77/80:


W.H. Fok from Hong Kong

…with a score of 76/80

Jean Claude Legrix from France

…and, with a score of 75/80

Stephen Merriman from New Zealand

For the second month in a row, all five players on this month’s honour roll are from the Old World, even though more than a third of this month’s competitors were from the Americas. The leading scorers from the New World are Greg Smith with 73/80 and Robert Lyrette from Canada and John McAllister from USA, both with a score of 70/80.

Congratulations to everyone who scored in the 60s or 70s on what was another very difficult set of hands.