Up Over v Down Under: An epic battle

A battle of epic proportions, between two hemispheres.

4th July 2023, depending on your time zone. we are expecting to see players from:
 Ireland 🟥 UK 🟥 South Africa 🟥 Kenya 🟥 Australia 🟥 New Zealand

⭕ Charge your chariots  
⭕ Sharpen your spears
⭕ Tighten your tunic
⭕ Shoulder your shield
⭕ Crank up your catapults

Scoring: Matchpoints - pairs - 20 boards

How do you find your seat?

on 3rd July, there will be a Session and Seating plan.  That's there so that you gain familiarilty with the process, and you can look to see who else is playing. No need for you to click anything just yet.

On the day, when you come to play, 30 mins before start time, look for the Session, then look for your name. All you need to do is click your own name and you will be taken to your seat. Only your partner can sit opposite you.

Please do not use your partner’s link, don’t share links. Please sit as soon as possible. You can see who is taking part by clicking the Scores button … you will see who is in your game.

Please turn on your camera and microphone.  You may be asked to provide permissions.  If there is an issue, we will help you, but it might be hard to do that if you join the game at the last possible moment.  All those years of being a scout or guide? Yes ... remember them “be prepared”. And, if you have a choice of device, please use your Windows Laptop or PC, rather than an iPad, or MacBook.

How do you alert? 

Like in face-to-face. Your partner alerts. Remember there’s an international set of players. They may be unaccustomed to your way of playing, so always be as helpful as possible. Especial with No Trump ranges.

Where will the results be?

We will put links to results on this site.