RealBridge For Teachers

RealBridge is an excellent platform for teaching, hosting supervised play sessions and introductory duplicates for novice players.

  • Engage your students with a fun, sociable experience
  • Unlimited number of teachers and supervisors
  • Supervisors can visit tables with full audio-video interaction
  • Load prepared deals from PBN files
  • Talk privately to 1, 2, 3 via audio-video
  • Put table notices at the start of the round, and between rounds, to emphasise key teaching points
  • Theatre-style video broadcast to multiple tables
  • Student players can "raise hand" to vote
  • Demonstrate ideal auction and line of play (either in real time, or with prepared deals that have ideal auction and play)
  • Invite student players to join you for panel discussion
  • Provide commentary under the traveller (so players can read at their own pace)
  • Pre-set all or part of the auction, so that you can make the most of the lesson.

Training and Resources

See Club Owner/TD/Teacher training for the latest training sessions.

See Teacher Resources for useful teaching resourceful


We have chosen a simple, easy-to-understand pricing model. We charge a fixed amount per player, regardless of the amount of money collected by the organiser in entry or table fees. That is, you pay us for a service, rather than participating in a shared-revenue model.

We understand that every event organiser wants to work in their own currency, with predictable costs. We are happy to quote in any major currency, and to maintain constant prices over a long period. Our prices in various currencies (excluding VAT or other local taxes), are:

Price per player (or seat)
CurrencyShort events
up to 20 boards
21-32 boards
in a single day
33+ boards
in a single day

For prices in other currencies, please contact us.

VAT and other taxes

VAT or other taxes may be added, depending on the laws of the country of the event-organiser, and the tax status of your organisation.

  • For UK customers: RealBridge is registered for VAT in the UK. VAT at 20% is added to our invoices.
  • For EU customers: VAT is due on payments to RealBridge, at the rate applicable in your country. In summary:
    • If you are a VAT-registered commercial organisation: We do not have to add VAT to your invoices. You will account for the VAT due with your own tax authorities under the reverse charge mechanism. We need to know your VAT number.
    • If you are a commercial organisation but not VAT-registered: We do not have to add VAT to your invoices, but we require evidence that you are a commercial organisation.
    • If you are a non-profit organisation: We are required by EU law to add VAT to your invoices, based on the VAT rate in your country.
  • For customers in Norway: Norwegian VAT (MVA) is payable. In summary:
    • If you are a VAT-registered business: We do not have to add VAT to your invoices. You will account for the VAT due with your own tax authorities under the reverse charge mechanism. We need to know your business identification number.
    • If you are not a VAT-registered business: We are required by Norwegian law to add 25% VAT to your invoices.
  • For customers in Australia: Currently we are below the threshold for GST registration. However, it is possible that we will be obliged to register for GST during 2022. We have contacted all of our Australian customers about this.
  • For other countries: UK VAT is not payable. Please contact RealBridge to discuss any relevant sales taxes in your location. If sales taxes become applicable in future, RealBridge will contact you to explain the situation.

Multi-session events
For a multi-session event, you pay for the total boards each day, not separately for each session. For example
  • 2 x 30 boards on the same day = 60 boards = GBP 0.70
  • 3 x 10 boards on the same day = 30 boards = GBP 0.40
This applies only if:
  • The sessions are all in the same calendar day, and
  • All the sessions are for the same event. That is: the same set of contestants, with the scores being combined to produce a single ranking list.

Note that a qualifier followed by a final is billed as two separate events.
If you have a multi-session event that should be billed as a single event, please inform RealBridge, so that we can invoice you the correct amount.


For teams and pairs events, prices are per seat for each contestant. For example, in a teams-of-four event we would charge for four players, regardless of how many individuals were in the team.

If the movement involves a sitout, we charge for each contestant, but boards that they sit out do not count towards the boards per player. Examples:

  • 7 pairs, 7 rounds of 3 boards, each pair has a sit-out: Charged as 14 players, all playing 18 boards.
  • 9 pairs, 7 rounds of 3 boards, 7 pairs have a sit-out: Charged as 4 players playing 21 boards and 14 players playing 18 boards.

If a board is skipped, that does count towards the boards per player.

For at-the-table teaching and supervised practice the price is per person. There is no extra cost for using the Director Broadcast feature, where you broadcast video from the lobby to all tables. When we introduce theatre-style teaching, with one teacher broadcasting to many students, the cost will be slightly higher, because of the increased requirements for video-broadcast infrastructure.

Deferred kibitzing and vugraph with video commentary is provided for selected events. There is no additional charge for this. When we introduce the option for videos of the players, there will be an extra charge, because of the infrastructure costs.

RealBridge invoices event organisers at the end of the calendar month. Payment terms are 14 days.

The event organiser collects entry fees or table money, outside RealBridge. Some clubs use an online payment system for this. There are many providers of online payment systems, and they charge as little as 1.4% in some countries, or even zero in other countries. Some charge a flat fee per month, and no percentage charge.