Real Bridge with Real People

Taking online bridge to the next level, with built-in video and sound, bringing the true face-to-face experience online.

You Say

RealBridge is absolutely amazing! I am truly impressed, also by the fact that it has run with absolutely no problems thus far in the tournaments that I have been involved in. Easy to use as well. Hats off! Jacob Duschek, EBL Tournament Director

I just wanted to say 'thank you' to you and the RealBridge team for all your hard work. The training & taster sessions are great, and the last two releases have introduced some very helpful features - I'm impressed by the continual improvement of the product. Steve (Cheltenham BC)

The excellent British software, RealBridge, allows you to see and converse with your partner and opponents. It is as close to playing live bridge as is currently possible online. Duplicate, Teams and informal hands can be played, with a chance to review every bid made and card played. Paul Mendelson, Financial Times, March 16, 2021

SUCCESS !!! This morning at 7am got in with no trouble at all, I am one very happy bunny, went through each step meticulously and BINGO. Many thanks to all who tried to help me, so all being well will be playing on Wed aft. I missed seeing you all very much on Monday morning. RealBridge has been such a help to me in these horrible times. Thank you. D.  (from England, sent 9 March 2021)