RealBridge For Spectators

RealBridge allows you to watch the latest World-Class and National competitions with video commentary. You can watch on a PC, most tablets, or smartphone. Please ensure that your browser software is up-to-date.  


As a spectator, you are able to sit at each of the tables in the event and observe card play, as well as watch video commentary. You will also be able to review past hands, chat with other spectators and interact with commentators.

This is a guide for spectating/kibitzing. Further down you will see a guide for commentating.

How to spectate

Join spectating server here.

When you arrive at the spectating server, you will need to log in with your name. Remember to select the language in the top left.

Once in the lobby, you will be able to see which table has video commentary from the lobby. Look for the TV symbol in the orange band next to the table. If there are multiple commentators, there will be two TV symbols.

Click on a table to join. At the table, you will be able to see the auction, play, and a spectator chat window. Note: Play is always deferred, however, the commentator is talking the same time you are watching.

To view a commentator's video stream, select a name from the drop-down menus at the top of the page. 

To review card play, use the slider at the bottom of the screen, or to proceed trick-by-trick, use the arrows above West's hand. To resume at the latest point, slide to the far right.

To review previous hands, click Scores on the bottom right of the screen. Click on any contract to drill down and review the auction and play at that table.


To commentate on a table, join the table and from the left commentary drop-down box, select "BROADCAST MY VIDEO". You will see yourself appear on the screen with a stop button below you. If you don't see yourself after 10 seconds, visit our camera and microphone test page here.

From here, you can select a co-commentator in the right commentary drop-down box.

Please note: for you to have a dialogue, other commentators must select you as a co-commentator.

As soon as you can see yourself, spectators will be able to select your video stream from their drop-down boxes. Once you start streaming, a TV symbol will appear on your table in the lobby to attract spectators to your table.

If you want to stop broadcasting audio briefly (for example to answer the phone), there is a Mute button below your picture.

When you have finished commentating, simply click "Stop".

Reviewing Past Matches

As well as providing deferred kibitzing of current events, the RealBridge Kibitz Page also has a database of every session that has ever been shown on the kibitz-server – over 1800 sessions. It now incorporates facilities for:

  • Searching for a session by part of the name
  • Browsing sessions by month