Notes about scoring & movements

(changed 15 February 2021)


RealBridge now uses the Neuberg Formula.

Sit-outs in VP events

In a Swiss or Round Robin teams with an odd number of teams, using VPs, sit-out matches are scored as 12 VPs.

Similarly, in a Swiss Pairs with an odd-number of pairs, using VPs, sit-out matches are scored as 12 VPs.

These results are included in the USEBIO file.

Round Robin (2x1/2)

See here for the multi session round robin guide

  • This new Round Robin teams format has an intermission halfway through the round.
  • After the first half-round has been played, players will be automatically moved back to their home table. The table will indicate the status R1a and the following icon will appear

  • Once the players have finished discussing the boards, the director can press this button to continue round 1.

  • Note: The timer will start again for each half-round, so make sure the time is set appropriately. For example, if you are playing 16 boards per round, you must set the timer for approximately 55 minutes (the time it takes for 8 boards).

Board-A-Match (BAM) Teams

  • These are scored using the European PAB method
    (0 = Loss, 1 = Draw, 2 = Win).
  • BAM teams can be played as either a Head-to-head, Round-robin, or Swiss movement.
  • The USEBIO button generates an extra pair of files with "_pairs" in the name which are the event re-scored as matchpoint pairs. This is necessary for some national ratings systems.
  • In some countries, Board-a-Match is called Point-a-Board.

RealBridge Lounge

In Session settings choose Practice. Choose typically either 20, or 32 boards. Choose 1 round. Add some tables. Name them if you want. Open and start the session as normal. Players can join and sit in the seats. If you need to add more tables, you can do via the normal functionality for adding late tables. The logging system only charges for tables that were used.