RealBridge For Clubs

Running club duplicates online with RealBridge is simple. Players are connected to each other automatically for each round, and all tables play the same deals at the same time.

Because everyone is connected by voice chat, players can alert and explain their partner's bids as if playing face-to-face at the club.

  • Engage your members with a fun, sociable experience
  • Easily configure sessions with streamlined controls
  • Play with or without round timer
  • Move with tables still in play - just like normal duplicate
  • Variety of movements and forms of scoring
    • Two-winner pairs movements (Mitchell)
    • One-winner pairs movements (Switched Mitchell or Howell)
    • Head-to-head teams matches
    • Round Robin (With and without intermissions)
    • Multiple teams
    • Swiss Pairs
    • Swiss Teams
    • Board-A-Match
  • Compute EBU masterpoint awards
  • Download results in USEBIO 1.2 XML format, compatible with
  • No tables and chairs to pack away!

Director features

  • Add late pairs or tables
  • View table progress (board and trick number)
  • Visit a table with full audio-video interaction
  • End boards early or skip boards completely
  • Simple score adjustment

Movement details

RealBridge movements are completely configurable. To set up a session, you select:

  • Scoring method (matchpoints, IMP pairs or IMP teams)
  • Movement type
  • Number of boards per round
  • Number of rounds

Available movements are:


Mitchell (2 winners)
Switched Mitchell (1 winner)
Howell (1 winner)


Head-to-head match(es)
Round-robin multiple teams (With and without intermissions)

All RealBridge movements are played barometer-style, so that every table plays the same boards at the same time.

For teams events, RealBridge calculates cross-IMPs across the field in addition to match scores.

For the Switched Mitchell movement (Mitchell with arrow-switches), instead of arrow-switching all tables for a whole round, RealBridge instead arrow-switches individual table(s) each round. The number of arrow-switched tables per round depends on the total number of tables.

Note that currently multiple teams events with an odd number of teams require a sit-out, because they are played as barometer-style head-to-head matches.


See Club Owner/TD/Teacher training for the latest training sessions.


We have chosen a simple, easy-to-understand pricing model. We charge a fixed amount per player, regardless of the amount of money collected by the organiser in entry or table fees. That is, you pay us for a service, rather than participating in a shared-revenue model.

We understand that every event organiser wants to work in their own currency, with predictable costs. We are happy to quote in any major currency, and to maintain constant prices over a long period. Our prices in various currencies (excluding VAT or other local taxes), are:

CurrencyShort events
up to 20 boards
21-32 boards
in a single day
33+ boards
in a single day

For prices in other currencies, please contact us.

VAT and other taxes

VAT or other taxes may be added, depending on the laws of the country of the event-organiser, and the tax status of your organisation.

  • For UK customers: RealBridge is not currently registered for VAT in the UK, so at present no VAT is payable by UK-based organisations. However, we will register for VAT at the beginning of April 2021. Sessions played from 1 April 2021 onwards will incur UK VAT.
  • For EU customers: EU VAT became payable from 1 January 2021. RealBridge is contacting existing customers to explain how this affects you.
  • For other countries: UK VAT is not payable. Please contact RealBridge to discuss any relevant sales taxes in your location.

Multi-session events
For a multi-session event, you pay for the total boards each day, not separately for each session. For example
  • 2x30 boards = 60 boards = GBP0.70
  • 3x10 boards = 30 boards = GBP0.40
This applies only if:
  • The sessions are all in the same calendar day
  • All the sessions are for the same event. That is: the same set of contestants, with the scores being combined to produce a single ranking list.

Note that a qualifier followed by a final is billed as two separate events.
If you have a multi-session event that should be billed as a single event, please inform RealBridge, so that we can invoice you the correct amount.


For teams and pairs events, prices are per seat. For example, in a teams-of-four event we would charge for four players, regardless of how many individuals were in the team.

For at-the-table teaching and supervised practice the price is per person. When we introduce theatre-style teaching, with one teacher broadcasting to many students, the cost will be slightly higher, because of the increased requirements for video-broadcast infrastructure.

RealBridge invoices event organisers at the end of the calendar month. Payment terms are 14 days.

The event organiser collects entry fees or table money, outside RealBridge. Some clubs use an online payment system for this. There are many providers of online payment systems, and they charge as little as 1.4% in some countries, or even zero in other countries. Some charge a flat fee per month, and no percentage charge.


To ask about RealBridge games for your club, please email