This is only for Session 2: which is on 6th December 2022, everywhere in the world.

Simply click your own name. Only click your own name. Remember to give camera and microphone access.

The list is in alphabetical order of one person's name. So if you parthership are: Jane Adams and Pete Smith, look under "J".   If your partnership name is Steve White and Chris Jones, and you are Chris, then look for Steve's name, under "S".

Adam Wiseberg & Ken Johnston (UK): Section A, Seat NS 19
Adrienne Morey & Jen Saul (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 20
Alan Balchin & Brian Hollister (UK): Section B, Seat NS 7
Alan France & Jan France (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 44
Alan Geare & Lynn Hall (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 37
Alex Carine & Elaine Carine (UK): Section C, Seat NS 9
Amanda Coate & Sue Evans (Kenya): Section D, Seat NS 10
Amira Young & Les Cox (UK): Section C, Seat NS 14
Andre Van Niekerk & Rose Duff (South Africa): Section B, Seat EW 26
Andy Philip & Grant Harrower (UK): Section A, Seat NS 6
Ann Grounds-Turner & Joseph Turner (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 2
Anna Levin & Helen Abeles (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 45
Anne Heyes & Sylvia Skeels (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 22
Anne Laughlin & Judy Herman (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 34
Anthea Phillips & Anne McGillivary (UK): Section D, Seat NS 6
Barbara Daly & Lucie Armstrong (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 11
Barbara Dowling & John Dowling (UK): Section D, Seat NS 12
Barbara Frankel & Hannah Greenberg (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 46
Barbara Hutton & Lorraine Peacock (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 4
Brenda Campbell & Helen Coom (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 41
Brett Yeats & Jennifer Yeats (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 20
Brian Quinlan & SImon Gould (UK): Section B, Seat NS 14
Bruce Bulgin & Jean Thomas (UK): Section D, Seat NS 11
Bruce Davis & Sharon Davis (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 19
Bruce Inglis & Alan Currie (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 29
Candice Smith & Kinga Hajmasi (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 16
Candy Shelley & Sue Deakin (UK): Section B, Seat NS 36
Carel Nolte & Penny Hickinbotham (South Africa): Section C, Seat EW 5
Carol Joseph & Richard Stuart (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 17
Carol Mackee & Ariela Honour (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 14
Carol Wakelin & Stephanie Gay (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 9
Carol Wikinson & Keith Wilkinson (UK): Section D, Seat NS 7
Caroline Cudmore & Paulette Edwards (UK): Section D, Seat NS 2
Cheryl Winsor & Faisal Alam (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 24
Chris Derrick & Marion Curran (UK): Section A, Seat NS 16
Chris Fitzpatrick & Rosemary Christie (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 1
Christabel Herbert & Gillian Marshall (UK): Section D, Seat NS 1
Christina Davies & Catherine Grant (UK): Section B, Seat NS 1
Christopher Gait & John Hellens (UK): Section C, Seat NS 16
Clare Crout & Philip Crout (UK): Section B, Seat NS 16
Cliff Brown & Michael Stroud (UK): Section D, Seat NS 16
Clive Naylor & Stuart Brown (UK): Section C, Seat NS 32
Colin Lewis & Stefanie Rickard (UK): Section C, Seat NS 25
Craig Irwin & Sally Bodo (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 36
Cynthia Clayton & Ian Clayton (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 13
Dara Voyles & Nicola O’Dowd (Ireland): Section C, Seat NS 12
Dave Armstrong & Jill Armstrong (UK): Section A, Seat NS 12
Dave Cummins & Eileen Cummins (UK): Section D, Seat NS 15
Dave Duckworth & Bill Barraclough (UK): Section A, Seat NS 3
Dave Steer & Merren Ward (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 38
David Gilmore & Michael Collins (UK): Section B, Seat NS 5
David Halford & Sarah Halford (UK): Section B, Seat NS 27
David Itzkowic & John Milston (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 10
David Lewis & Charmaine Hoey (UK): Section A, Seat NS 9
David Malcomson & Tim Wadsworth (UK): Section C, Seat NS 3
David Paine & Terry Gregory (UK): Section C, Seat NS 33
David Tarsky & Rod Jones (UK): Section A, Seat NS 22
David Waldman & David Richer (UK): Section B, Seat NS 21
Deb Turner & Marcella Haywood (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 7
Debbie Jerkovic & Vicki Lee (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 26
Derek Maltz & Peter Robinson (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 23
Derek Marsh & Pippa Green (UK): Section A, Seat NS 14
Derek Moses & Steve Brown (UK): Section B, Seat NS 19
Dougal Watson & Babs-Merl de Visser (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 3
Douglas Lavers & Kenneth Reynolds (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 1
Eileen Oakley & Chad Chadwick (UK): Section B, Seat NS 29
Elaine Bell & Rosalind Turner (UK): Section C, Seat NS 26
Elizabeth Hopley & Barbara Fitzgerald (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 1
Ena Wood & Rosemary Miller (UK): Section B, Seat NS 35
Eric Glass & Brett Glass (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 36
Eric Myers & Tom Gorman (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 40
Evelyin Hogg & Carol Lamond (UK): Section D, Seat NS 18
Felicity Aldred & Cedric Cornerstone (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 8
Felicity Hannay & Cathy Carroll (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 7
Frances Lyons & Julianne Rocks (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 10
Frances Wilson & Linda Lennox (UK): Section C, Seat NS 4
Gavin Keith & Bob Wales (UK): Section C, Seat NS 44
Gen Yan-Colebourn & Douglas Marshall (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 2
Geoff Harrison & Sue Lipscombe (UK): Section C, Seat NS 24
Geoff Metzler & Philippa Metzler (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 6
George Kaul & Oliver Hoffmann (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 19
Gertrud Mallon & Sue Smith (UK): Section C, Seat NS 15
Gill Roberts & George Roberts (UK): Section A, Seat NS 2
Gisela Fletcher & Barbara Abraham (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 10
Glyn Foley & Peter Camm (UK): Section A, Seat NS 15
Graham Bull & Penny Hooper (UK): Section D, Seat NS 9
Graham Jepson & Keith Cornish (UK): Section A, Seat NS 7
Guy Fraser-Sampson & Rachel Alison (UK): Section C, Seat NS 1
Gwyn Lobb & Kate McFadyen (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 30
Heather Spalding & Mike Powell (UK): Section C, Seat NS 23
Helen Boyer & Phil Dowell (UK): Section C, Seat NS 19
Helen Garraway & Jen Adams (South Africa): Section C, Seat EW 37
Helen Lowry & Jeanette Abrams (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 12
Helen Smith & Verena Byrne (UK): Section D, Seat NS 19
Helen Sorrell & Eric Sorrell (UK): Section B, Seat NS 31
Helene Ford & Shellee Lawson (UK): Section C, Seat NS 7
Hennie Fick & Duncan Keet (South Africa): Section A, Seat EW 19
Ines Penning & Ute Langen (UK): Section C, Seat NS 30
Ingrid Hooton & Ross Angus (UK): Section C, Seat NS 36
Jack Rutter & Yvonne Rimmer (South Africa): Section C, Seat EW 32
Jan Gregory & Andy Gregory (Kenya): Section B, Seat NS 30
Jane Crawford & Trish Duncan (UK): Section C, Seat NS 8
Jane Jensen & Chris Jagger (UK): Section A, Seat NS 13
Jane Redmond & Larry Redmond (UK): Section B, Seat NS 10
Jane Somervell & Felicity Somervell (UK): Section B, Seat NS 6
Jay Wongphasukchot & Laurence Money (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 2
Jean Board & Paul Foode (UK): Section B, Seat NS 28
Jean Robinson & Paul Robinson (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 17
Jeff Green & Arni Anidjar-Romain (UK): Section A, Seat NS 4
Jen Maneschi & Amanda Rixon (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 15
Jennie Little & Ann Poulos (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 29
Jennifer Gostlin & Mark Gostlin (UK): Section C, Seat NS 13
Jenny Narunsky & Louise Leibowitz (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 3
Jenny Ten-Bokum & Mignon Leigh (South Africa): Section B, Seat EW 18
Jill Haworth & Chris Raisin (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 14
Jill Rabie & Susan Botha (South Africa): Section B, Seat EW 39
Jimmy Ching & Carla Salinger (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 22
Joan Barker & June Morrisson (UK): Section C, Seat NS 31
Jody Burchall & Thomas Freeman-Greene (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 3
John Barker & Sarah Barker (UK): Section C, Seat NS 11
John Donovan & Brian Thorp (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 15
John Lawrance & Aaron Minney (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 13
John Pick & Alison Pick (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 43
Jonathan Price & Philip Morgan (UK): Section B, Seat NS 22
Judi Malpass & Penny Bligh (UK): Section B, Seat NS 17
Judith Ben-Meir & Ola Cohen (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 34
Judith Chandler & Ray Kingston (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 12
Judy Dodds & Lee Jackson (UK): Section C, Seat NS 43
Julia Palmer & Fiona Greenwood (UK): Section A, Seat NS 1
Julia Thomas & Harsha Sirisena (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 18
June Dixon & Jane Kite (UK): Section C, Seat NS 41
June Thompson & Agnes Marsh (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 17
Karl Hayes & John Luoni (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 33
Katherine Gough & Jill Lockett (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 19
Kathryn Brien & Mary Carter (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 24
Kerri McCrae & Monica Cheng (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 22
Laurie Hinchcliff & Elaine Ford (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 9
Leesa Abrams & Jack Abrams (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 31
Leo Sim & Anne Sim (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 38
Les Calver & Colin O'Hara (UK): Section B, Seat NS 24
Lisa O'Bryan & Theresa Khan (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 18
Liz Jackson & Karen Hicks (UK): Section C, Seat NS 40
Liz Kelly & David Phillip (UK): Section B, Seat NS 18
Lorna Ichilcik & Judy Osie (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 17
Louise Gold & Jenifer Codognotto (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 7
Lucie Andrew & Sally Kent (UK): Section C, Seat NS 22
Lydia Hardy & Raj Bhide (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 21
Lynette Downs & Paley Downs (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 35
Lynne Long & Lynda Bateman (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 39
Lynne Roberts & Rod Sewter (UK): Section C, Seat NS 34
Lynnette Brown & Peter Brown (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 11
Macushla Stewart & Charles Nixon (UK): Section B, Seat NS 3
Malcolm Green & Roger Williams (UK): Section A, Seat NS 10
Mandy Western & Peter Western (UK): Section D, Seat NS 3
Maree Cudby & Les Gould (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 35
Marg Roberts & Kath Jennings (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 13
Margaret Crawford & Ken Crawford (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 7
Margaret Harrop & Arthur Matheson (UK): Section B, Seat NS 2
Margaret John & Marie Cradock (UK): Section C, Seat NS 29
Mark Allington & Steve Procopiou (UK): Section B, Seat NS 15
Mark Buckley & Carolyn Buckley (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 12
Mark Oakley & Margaret Robertson (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 4
Martin Chadwick & Chris Earl (UK): Section A, Seat NS 20
Martin Sims & Alison Sandwith (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 8
Maura King & Ian Kingston (Ireland): Section C, Seat NS 42
Meryl Cohn & Joyce Hessen (South Africa): Section B, Seat EW 31
Michael Carrel & Graham McKinnell (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 10
Michael Frankfurt & Sandra Clark (UK): Section C, Seat NS 10
Michael James & Margareta Gram (Kenya): Section C, Seat NS 27
Michael Johnstone & Paula Gregory (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 2
Michael Stern & Sue Vasner (UK): Section C, Seat NS 38
Michele Alexander & Jocelyn Ashberg (South Africa): Section B, Seat EW 5
Mike Barnett & Shirley Hardy (South Africa): Section C, Seat EW 27
Mike Hammett & Sheenah Young (UK): Section A, Seat NS 18
Mike Pitt & Lesley Bennett (UK): Section C, Seat NS 37
Mike Potgieter & Liz Potgieter (South Africa): Section C, Seat EW 21
Monica Condy & Cathy Sassenberg (South Africa): Section C, Seat EW 16
Murat Genc & Arleen Schwartz (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 22
Nicole Finn & Cathy Sheehan (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 23
Noreen Quinlan & Eva Gibbor (UK): Section B, Seat NS 13
Norma Lopata & Sylvie Beach (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 16
Pam Jennings & Alun Jennings (UK): Section B, Seat NS 32
Pam Roberts & Penny Halliwell (UK): Section D, Seat NS 14
Pamela Stonehouse & Patricia Burton (UK): Section D, Seat NS 4
Pat Oyston & Martin Oyston (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 25
Paul Corbett & Rhonda Jones (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 20
Pauline Caust & Alan Bustany (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 28
Perelle Scales (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 20
Peter Coles & Peter Malpass (UK): Section A, Seat NS 11
Peter George & Jeff Fust (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 23
Peter Womersley & Sue Peel (UK): Section D, Seat NS 8
Phil Thompson & Neil Catherall (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 12
Philippa Wickman & Grant Wickman (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 5
Prue Siemsgluess & Thomas Siemsgluess (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 1
Rakesh Kumar & Kevin Davies (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 18
Ratilal Ranchhod & Gerald Baptist (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 8
Ray Curnow & Ellen Curnow (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 27
Ray Kemp & Sue Biggin (UK): Section B, Seat NS 33
Richard Baudry & Ian Small (Kenya): Section C, Seat NS 35
Richard Gilbert & David Ritchie (UK): Section A, Seat NS 5
Richard Huelin & Patrick McCarthy (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 4
Richard Williams & Piotr Ratka (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 14
Rob Parsons & Kathy Hince (UK): Section C, Seat NS 18
Rob Stephens & Lotte Sorensen (South Africa): Section A, Seat EW 8
Robyn Freeman-Greene & Dale Lacey (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 5
Robyn Wilmot & Keith Fryirs (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 15
Roger Phillips & Jenni Turner (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 6
Ron Smith & Elizabeth Hammergren (Kenya): Section C, Seat NS 5
Rona Cochrane & Brenda Livingstone (UK): Section D, Seat NS 5
Rona Driscoll & John Driscoll (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 16
Ronald Speiser & George Fleischer (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 4
Rosa Mishkin & Lorraine Inglis (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 14
Rosalind Turner & Sue Knoll (UK): Section C, Seat NS 39
Rosanna Rees & Eunice Langton (UK): Section C, Seat NS 6
Rose Marie Wahlroos & Jane Searles (UK): Section C, Seat NS 2
Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin (UK): Section A, Seat NS 17
Sandra Jelen & Douglas Baines (UK): Section C, Seat NS 28
Sandra Solomon & Gary Harding (UK): Section B, Seat NS 23
Sandy Boyd & Arpit Tandon (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 33
Sarah Wendon & Richard Chamings (UK): Section B, Seat NS 20
Serhat Ozenir & Bulent Kaytaz (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 9
Setsuko Lichtnecker & Peer Bach (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 11
Shirley Collins & Meredith Woods (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 6
Shirley Lattimore & Diane Groom (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 6
Simon Johnston & Alan Volkers (UK): Section D, Seat NS 13
Simon Lee & Veronica Burrows (UK): Section B, Seat NS 9
Steve Gibbons & John Dolamore (UK): Section B, Seat NS 26
Steve Gray & Lindsey Guy (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 32
Stewart Aylward & Richard Johnson (UK): Section B, Seat NS 12
Stuart Smith & Bill Rosie (UK): Section B, Seat NS 4
Sue Andrews & Rae Waddell (South Africa): Section C, Seat EW 42
Sue Cooper & John Grant (UK): Section B, Seat NS 25
Sue Evans & Dennis Loynes (UK): Section A, Seat NS 21
Susan Strawson & Tony Strawson (Kenya): Section C, Seat NS 20
Susanna Bain & Marilyn Janmaat (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 23
Suzanne Warring & Neil Harris (UK): Section B, Seat NS 8
Svilen Russev & Elaine Kay (UK): Section B, Seat NS 34
Sylvia Fletcher & John Fletcher (UK): Section C, Seat NS 17
Takayo Yanagisawa & Kevin Birch (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 9
Terry Garraway & Bryan Broekman (South Africa): Section C, Seat EW 11
Thelma Ramsay & Denise Barnes (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 40
Theresa Robinson & John Watson (UK): Section C, Seat NS 21
Timothy Kilham & Andrew Kilham (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 3
Toby Schweikert & Hunter Howard (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 28
TomvCollinge & Torquil Paterson (South Africa): Section B, Seat EW 13
Tony Burke & Phil Gue (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 21
Tony Haworth & Kevin Maddox (UK): Section A, Seat NS 8
Tony Winters & Debbie Cooper (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 21
Tricia Bayley & Gay Calderwood (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 25
Trish Christy & Jackie Ayton (Kenya): Section B, Seat NS 11
Trish Young & Anthony Wilson (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 30
Wendy Carmichael & Dave Wall (UK): Section D, Seat NS 17
West Savery & Pamela McKittrick (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 15