WBF Online Women's Teams 2024 - Event Information



To find out more, visit: https://www.wbfwomensbridgeclub.org/OnlineWomensTeams.html

Here you will see: Links to all completed sessions, and links to all PBN files, and a special video postcard for the players.

Note that you can review any board, any team, see any partnership scorecard, and replay the hands using the links below.

Postcard from the organisers to the players (video with sound):

Pre-event publicity:

The session links let you see bidding and play at every table on every board, scores and totals.

The purpose of the PBN files are mainly for teachers who want to use them again in coaching or training. To download the PBN file click the PBN link in the 4th column.

Date Time (UTC) Link PBN
16-Feb-2024  09:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240216121637&q=Apple Session 01
16-Feb-2024 12:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240216121638&q=Bread Session 02
16-Feb-2024 17:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240216121639&q=Carrot Session 03
16-Feb-2024 19:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240216121640&q=Drink Session 04
17-Feb-2024 2:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240217121641&q=Earth Session 05
17-Feb-2024 8:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240217121642&q=Flare Session 06
17-Feb-2024 9:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240217121643&q=Gold Session 07
17-Feb-2024 12:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240217121644&q=Happy Session 08
17-Feb-2024 16:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240217121645&q=India Session 09
17-Feb-2024 19:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240217121646&q=Jasmin Session 10
18-Feb-2024 6:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240218121647&q=Knife Session 11
18-Feb-2024 9:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240218121648&q=Ladle Session 12
18-Feb-2024 12:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240218121649&q=Meal Session 13
18-Feb-2024 16:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240218121650&q=Notice Session 14
18-Feb-2024 19:00 https://play.realbridge.online/dt.html?p=240218121651&q=Purple Session 15