RealBridge: convention cards

changed 15 Aug 2023

Each partnership can provide a link to their convention card. The convention card is associated with the partnership for the entire session.

Once loaded, it is available on each round for view by the opponents, Tournament Director, or watchers.  If the session is being shown on the RealBridge kibitz server, the convention card is available to view there as well.

Specifying a convention card

Your convention card must exist on the internet, accessible via an https:// or http:// URL.

When sitting at the table, click the Convention Card icon to the right of your grey name-band.

This box appears:

Paste or type the link to your convention card into the box and click OK.

Only one person in the partnership has to load the card. The card stays for the partnership for the entire session, unless one of them changes it.

Either player can change the card by following the same procedure, and changing the link.

You can set the convention card before or during a session. Before the session, you don’t have to wait for your partner to arrive – you can set the convention card while you are waiting.

Where and how to store your convention card

You can use whatever style of convention card is expected in your country (or club). For example, an EBU convention card in England, or an FFB convention card in France.

It can be a PDF, a web page or an image. PDF is the most common format – you can save a Word document as PDF before uploading it.

You can store the convention card on a free filesharing platform like Google Drive, iCloud, or DocDroid.

Some national bridge organisations provide a location for you to upload your convention card, for example the EBU allow you to upload a convention card via My EBU.

The Bridge Winners website allows you to create and store ACBL-style convention cards, here:

Viewing a convention card

Viewing an opponent’s convention card

To see an opponent’s convention card, look for the convention card icon next to your left-hand-opponent’s name (just above where the trick-count appears).

If they have not specified a convention card, the icon will not be visible.

Click the icon. The opponents’ card will appear in a new tab in your web browser.

You can switch between the convention card and the RealBridge window by clicking the tabs in your web browser.

At the end of the round, you may decide to close the tab for the opponent’s card, to reduce clutter.

Viewing a pair’s convention card as the Director or as a watcher

To see a pair’s convention card, look for the convention card icon next to North’s name or West’s name. If they have not specified a convention card, the icon will not be visible.

Viewing your own convention card

Players cannot view their own card from within the RealBridge application. This is intentional. In many countries, the regulations say that players cannot refer to their own card.

Convention cards in pairs events

In a pairs event, the convention card is a property of the pair. If a player is substituted by another player, the convention card link stays loaded.

Convention cards in teams events

In a teams event, the convention card is a property of a partnership within a team.

If you change direction (either using the auto-switch mechanism or manually), your convention card link stays with you.

If your team changes its lineup during a session, any new partnership will not have a convention card link. For example, if A plays with B for match 1 with a convention card, then B leaves and C sits opposite A, the A+C partnership will not inherit the convention card from A+B.