Junior challenge match: USBF Juniors V ACBL Staff, January 8, 2023

A great opportunity to see USA's finest juniors take part in an exhibition match versus the ACBL staff.

Commentators are international stars of the game, Larry Cohen and George Jacobs. You will see and hear them, live, commentating. Ask them a question in text or in video. 

The match is 16 boards, played in 2 x 8. It will last about 2 hours.

Just who are the teams?

Playing for ACBL staff are:

  • Amy L Casanova - Chip Dombrowski
  • Paul Linxwiler - Richard Oshlag
  • Jeff Edelstein - Justin Coniglio
  • McKenzie Myers- Brian Weikle

The Junior USBF players are:

  • Jeff Xiao - Eric Xiao (U16)
  • Helena Hsieh - Jessie Yichen Cai (Rona)
  • Michael Xu - Olivia Schireson (U21)
  • Sarik Goyal - Jacob Freeman (U26)

What system are they playing?  All the player cards will be posted here, on this site, closer to the date of the event.

How do you watch?  Click kibitz.realbridge.online    No account is needed, just put your name in and join the event. Click the middle of table 1. Want to know more about how to spectate? see here: https://realbridge.online/for-spectators.html

Alternatively, you can watch on YouTube, here:  https://www.youtube.com/@realbridge4207

Player biographies will be under the poster soon.