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The list is in alphabetical order of one person's name. So if you parthership are: Jane Adams and Pete Smith, look under "J".   If your partnership name is Steve White and Chris Jones, and you are Chris, then look for Steve's name, under "S".

Adrian Gaunt & Margaret Fuest (UK): Section C, Seat NS 31
Aimee Grant & Eileen Moens (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 53
Al Rock & Loretta Rock (UK): Section C, Seat NS 64
Alan Balchin & Brian Hollister (UK): Section B, Seat NS 10
Alan France & Jan France (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 65
Alex Carine & Christopher Wildman (UK): Section C, Seat NS 14
Alex Ruck & Elaine Morris (UK): Section C, Seat NS 56
Alicia Wright & Kathy OHalloran (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 21
Andre Van Niekerk & Rose Duff (South Africa): Section B, Seat EW 21
Andrea Lawrence & Sheila Lampard (UK): Section B, Seat NS 31
Andrew Carnegie & Sheila Pitcairn (UK): Section C, Seat NS 2
Andrew Mason & Pam Mason (UK): Section B, Seat NS 48
Andrew Scott & Liz Scott (UK): Section B, Seat NS 59
Angela Treen & Maggie Piazza (UK): Section A, Seat NS 7
Anita Spurling & Karyn Pert (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 14
Anita Thirtle & Valerie Gardiner (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 6
Ann Grounds-Turner & Joseph Turner (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 13
Ann Harper & Bob Taylor (UK): Section B, Seat NS 32
Ann Lever & Maureen Tracey (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 49
Ann Sandall & John Sandall (UK): Section C, Seat NS 54
Ann Sawtell & Vivian Elwell (UK): Section C, Seat NS 9
Anna Bartlett & Mike Bluett (UK): Section D, Seat NS 4
Anne Carrier & Bob Smith (UK): Section D, Seat NS 17
Anne Nicholas & Pat Elliot (UK): Section B, Seat NS 7
Anne Ray & Rena Mooney (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 68
Annie Somerville & Kevin Skoropada (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 1
Anthea Phillips & Anne McGillivary (UK): Section D, Seat NS 2
Anthony Bacchus & Mark Gibson (UK): Section B, Seat NS 47
Anu Turnbull & Anne Reid (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 50
Arthur Hughes & Dave Banks (UK): Section A, Seat NS 9
Audrey Hibbert & Pat Forsyth (UK): Section B, Seat NS 51
Barbara Daly & Lucie Armstrong (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 17
Barbara Hutton & Lorraine Peacock (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 3
Barbara Pilbin & Brian Pilbin (UK): Section B, Seat NS 22
Barbara Rewcastle & Elizabeth Slowther (UK): Section B, Seat NS 5
Barry Quinnell & Eugene Hood (UK): Section B, Seat NS 56
Bernard Higgins & John Eckford (UK): Section D, Seat NS 11
Bill Bearance & Sharon Bearance (Canada): Section c, Seat EW 18
Bill Lee & Bill Moreau (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 60
Brenda Begley & Trevor Mayes (UK): Section B, Seat NS 20
Brenda Osborne & Isi Mitrani (UK): Section A, Seat NS 20
Brett Yeats & Jennifer Yeats (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 30
Brian Stairs & Maureen Stairs (UK): Section B, Seat NS 15
Bruce Gulley & Pip Duncan (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 18
Bruce Inglis & Alan Currie (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 52
Candice Smith & Kinga Hajmasi (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 15
Cari Mclean & Cathy Murray (Canada): Section D, Seat EW 17
Carlyn Dun & Peter Dun (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 57
Carol Joseph & Richard Stuart (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 24
Carol Wilkinson & Keith Wikinson (UK): Section D, Seat NS 7
Carol Wood & John Cowan (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 55
Carole Ostrander & Linda Beatty (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 12
Caroline Ross & Amanda Lane (UK): Section C, Seat NS 13
Celia Garvey & Nancy Barton (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 44
Cheryl Winsor & Faisal Alam (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 35
Chris Child & Tom Cohen (South Africa): Section B, Seat EW 9
Chris Derrick & Marion Curran (UK): Section A, Seat NS 16
Chris Fitzpatrick & Jen Maneschi (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 2
Chris Mullins & Tom Cox (UK): Section C, Seat NS 61
Chris Pengelly & Mary Anne Perkins (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 3
Chris Pepper & Anne Pepper (UK): Section C, Seat NS 51
Christine Jay & Anne Lewis (UK): Section C, Seat NS 50
Christine Joe & Mary Lou James (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 31
Christopher Gait & John Hellens (UK): Section C, Seat NS 22
Clare Crout & Philip Crout (UK): Section B, Seat NS 24
Claudia Wade & Viv Baldwin. (UK): Section C, Seat NS 49
Colin Maggs & Valerie Ovington (UK): Section C, Seat NS 28
Colin Pepperell & Sue Watson (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 10
Colin Shugg & Lindsay Young (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 9
Cynthia Clayton & Ian Clayton (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 10
Daphne Jones & Hilary Evans (UK): Section C, Seat NS 44
Darlene Donovan & Linda Briggs (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 23
Darrel Muirhead & Gini Brown (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 32
Dave Armstrong & Jill Armstrong (UK): Section A, Seat NS 3
Dave Cummins & Eileen Cummins (UK): Section D, Seat NS 13
Dave Toseland & David Brotheridge (UK): Section C, Seat NS 12
Dave Wall & Mike Edwards (UK): Section D, Seat NS 16
David Adams & Audrey Norbury (UK): Section B, Seat NS 18
David Clarke & Steven Clifton (UK): Section A, Seat NS 18
David Cornell & Treyn Haynes (UK): Section C, Seat NS 38
David Gilmore & Michael Colins (UK): Section B, Seat NS 9
David Halford & Sarah Halford (UK): Section B, Seat NS 49
David Itzkowic & John Milston (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 26
David Kranz & Clare Cryer (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 16
David Waxman & Keith Joules (UK): Section A, Seat NS 8
Deirdre Oliver & Alison Adamson (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 4
Denise Fréchette & Jean-Pierre Fréchette (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 51
Derek Marsh & Pippa Green (UK): Section A, Seat NS 15
Derek Moses & Steve Brown (UK): Section B, Seat NS 19
Diane Bridges & Suzanne Tardiff (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 14
Diane Ethier & Bernard Ethier (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 29
Diane Rogers & Ann Hunt (UK): Section A, Seat NS 19
Doreen Connor & Kirk Staniforth (UK): Section C, Seat NS 1
Doug Ashworth & Betty Laing (UK): Section C, Seat NS 20
Doug Starling & Bill Gray (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 37
Dougal Watson & Babs-Merel de Visser (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 4
Duncan Keet & Hennie Fick (South Africa): Section A, Seat EW 21
Eileen Holland & Jackie Shepherd (UK): Section C, Seat NS 19
Eileen Oakley & Chad Chadwick (UK): Section B, Seat NS 50
Elaine Wingfield & Rowland Middleton (UK): Section C, Seat NS 3
Elizabeth Hopley & Carol Harpur (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 19
Elizabeth Muir & Joan Breckenridge (Canada): Section D, Seat EW 8
Felicity Aldred & Cedric Cornerstone (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 13
Felicity Hannay & Cathy Carroll (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 15
Felix Shteyman & Brian Osborne (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 17
Fiona Drew & Alson Bloxham (UK): Section B, Seat NS 29
Gayle Webb & Colin Webb (UK): Section B, Seat NS 42
Gen Yan-Colebourn & Susan Lipman (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 5
George Kaul & Oliver Hoffmann (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 31
Gillean Hoehnke & Janet McLeod (UK): Section D, Seat NS 12
Gillian Roberts & George Roberts (UK): Section A, Seat NS 1
Gina Delatour & Nicki Cann (UK): Section B, Seat NS 54
Gisela Fletcher & Barbara Abraham (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 3
Glenda McLeod & Jan Robertson (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 62
Guy Tritton & Carol Tritton (UK): Section C, Seat NS 41
Gwyn Lobb & Kate McFadyen (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 54
Hank Youngerman & Karen Alison (Canada): Section A, Seat EW 12
Hardip Judge & Diane Smith (UK): Section D, Seat NS 8
Heath Henn & Mary Poynten (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 53
Heather Robertson & Fiona Moon (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 28
Helen Boyer & Phil Boyer (UK): Section C, Seat NS 29
Helen Climo & Murray Climo (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 54
Helen Holehouse & Colin Holehouse (UK): Section B, Seat NS 3
Helen Lowry & Jane Beeby (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 22
Helen Wright & John Burke (UK): Section B, Seat NS 58
Helene Ford & Dorothy Servante (UK): Section B, Seat NS 11
Hilary Hardman & Diana Thompson (UK): Section C, Seat NS 25
Hilary Leigh & Jenny Bywater (UK): Section C, Seat NS 37
Huguette Bureau & Nycole Leblond (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 14
Ian Grant & Julie Grant (UK): Section A, Seat NS 21
Ian Roberts & Ian Wilson (UK): Section C, Seat NS 59
Ian Wilson & Chris Watson (UK): Section A, Seat NS 11
Ilona Anderson & Harvey Gottfried (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 7
Ines Penning & Ute Langen (UK): Section C, Seat NS 35
Ingrid Hooton & Evelyn Hogg (UK): Section C, Seat NS 43
Irene Johnson & Erika Pickles (UK): Section B, Seat NS 13
Jackie Adams & Fiona Arnold (UK): Section A, Seat NS 22
Jackie Hodgson & Bev Frizzell (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 33
Jacqueline Day & Clive Pemberton (UK): Section B, Seat NS 6
Jacques Lagueux & Roger Otis (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 28
James McGehan & Katherine Griffith (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 1
Jan Blomerus & Rod Pienaar (South Africa): Section B, Seat EW 36
Jan Clarke & Chris Willams (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 16
Jane Carnegie & Bill Bald (UK): Section C, Seat NS 32
Jane Crawford & Trish Duncan (UK): Section C, Seat NS 11
Jane Jensen & Chris Jagger (UK): Section A, Seat NS 13
Jane Redmond & Larry Redmond (UK): Section B, Seat NS 21
Jane Somervell & Felicity Somervell (UK): Section C, Seat NS 4
Jane Walcroft & Ron Emo (Canada): Section c, Seat EW 59
Jane White & Richard Fountaine (UK): Section B, Seat NS 41
Janet Dobbie & Rhoda McDonald (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 12
Janet Jones & Cheryl Pitchford (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 20
Janet Pedley & Ron Sambell (UK): Section C, Seat NS 52
Jayne Kent-Webster & Lucinda Fletcher-Neal (UK): Section B, Seat NS 1
Jean Clarke & Gracia Seguin (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 46
Jean Robinson & Paul Robinson (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 7
Jenifer Codognotto & Debbie Jerkovic (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 4
Jenny Cooper & Dot Rapley (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 58
Jenny Percival & Sue Barber (UK): Section D, Seat NS 3
Jill Allen & Graeme Schofield (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 21
Jill Haworth & Margaret Morgan (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 27
Joan Barker & June Morrison (UK): Section C, Seat NS 16
Joan Heagin & Mary Forristal (UK): Section C, Seat NS 40
Jody Burchall & Sara Worth (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 47
Joe Pitt & Penny Hopkins (UK): Section C, Seat NS 58
John Barker & Sarah Barker (UK): Section C, Seat NS 18
John Bateman & Ros Bateman (UK): Section B, Seat NS 38
John Bowen & Tom Collinge (South Africa): Section B, Seat EW 48
John Buckleton & Douglas Rusell (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 4
John Burns & Anne McLeay (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 19
John Cardiff & Peter Taylor (UK): Section B, Seat NS 23
John Cullen & Sharon Stevens (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 35
John Dagnall & Andrew Bannock (UK): Section A, Seat NS 5
John Fernie & Suzanne Fernie (UK): Section D, Seat NS 14
John Lovett & Mary Preston (UK): Section C, Seat NS 46
John Mottram & Lorraine Schaap (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 7
John Nolan & Christine Nicholson (UK): Section C, Seat NS 15
John Sylvester & Cynthia Meikle (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 16
John Turner & Daphne Turner (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 40
Jonathan Price & Richard Greenwood (UK): Section B, Seat NS 40
Judi Egelnick & Marshall Egelnick (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 10
Judi Malpass & Penny Bligh (UK): Section B, Seat NS 33
Judith Anderson & Jane Burfield (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 20
Julia Thomas & Harsha Sirisena (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 30
Julie Douglas & Bob Bailey (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 69
June Dixon & Jane Kite (UK): Section C, Seat NS 62
Karen Smith & Karen Coll (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 61
Karen Thompson & Honor Middleton (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 6
Kath Robinson & Ute Heath (UK): Section C, Seat NS 55
Katherine Gough & Jill Lockett (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 32
Kathryn Morgan & Jacqueline Pulman (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 11
Ken Jones & Joe Bryson (UK): Section C, Seat NS 63
Kerri McCrae & Monica Cheng (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 15
Kevin Gu & Ann Zhu (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 20
Leo Sim & Anne Sim (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 44
Les Calver & Colin O'Hara (UK): Section B, Seat NS 46
Les Gagnon & Jean Gagnon (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 64
Lesley Scott-Golby & Elma Lindsay (UK): Section D, Seat NS 6
Leslie Watt & Russell Watt (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 42
Linda Manning & Diane Underhill (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 16
Linda Ujihara & Susan Skene (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 48
Lisa Hamlin & Jan Langan (UK): Section D, Seat NS 18
Lita Field & Anne Nichols (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 43
Liz Kelly & David Phillips (UK): Section B, Seat NS 25
Liz Muir & Don Reid (UK): Section A, Seat NS 23
Liz Orrock & Christine Gibson (UK): Section D, Seat NS 1
Lois McCrum & Christine Snowball (UK): Section B, Seat NS 26
Louise Davies & Dominique Darby (UK): Section C, Seat NS 21
Louise Leibowitz & Tony Leibowitz (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 1
Louise Smith & ChinHing Luk (UK): Section D, Seat NS 5
Lucie Andrew & Sally Kent (UK): Section C, Seat NS 26
Lyn Bailie & Diane Rodger (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 60
Lynda Fay & Heather Larke (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 41
Lynn Hall & Helene Labreche (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 45
Lynn Wetenhall & Jake Neal (UK): Section C, Seat NS 53
Lynne Fegan & Georgie Roberts (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 26
Lynne Long & Lynda Bateman (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 52
Lynne Roberts & Pam Jennings (UK): Section C, Seat NS 36
Maggie Thomson & Stephen Schlich (UK): Section B, Seat NS 27
Maree Cudby & Les Gould (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 58
Margaret Crawford & Christine Burton (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 2
Margaret Denham & Prue Whelon (UK): Section C, Seat NS 5
Margaret Foster & Jannette Abrams (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 11
Margaret Goode & Janet O'Brien (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 27
Margaret Harkness & Gay Bradbury (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 10
Margaret Innes & Jane Robertson (UK): Section A, Seat NS 4
Margaret Kirk & Carol Byers (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 42
Margaret Newcombe & Susan Tessier (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 11
Margaret Watson & Mary Mitchell (UK): Section D, Seat NS 9
Margaret Wright & Laura Pierce (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 23
Marie Milne & Isobel MacQueen (UK): Section C, Seat NS 8
Marina Clarke & Peta McElhone (Australia): Section D, Seat EW 11
Mark Buckley & Carolyn Buckley (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 6
Martha Wilson & Christine Primeau (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 8
Martin McDonagh & Margaret McDonagh (UK): Section B, Seat NS 17
Mary Anne Perkins & Len Eagle (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 34
Mary Dacks & Frank Chown (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 63
Mary Huggins & Janet Peters (Canada): Section c, Seat EW 38
Mary Mitchell & Laura Pierce (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 36
Melissa Bennett & Jeff Bennett (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 22
Melvyn French & Andy Carter (UK): Section B, Seat NS 52
Michael Gough & Tania Nahum (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 50
Mike Craig & Ray Green (UK): Section B, Seat NS 35
Mike Hammett & Sheenagh Young (UK): Section A, Seat NS 17
Mike Mason & Len Eagle (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 66
Murat Genc & Arleen Schwartz (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 17
Nairne Plouviez & John Dolamore (UK): Section B, Seat NS 34
Nancy Griffin & Wayne Griffin (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 25
Nancy Grossmann & Heinz Grossmann (Canada): Section c, Seat EW 1
Naomi Hannah & Priscilla Bloy (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 29
Niall Perry & Peter Coles (UK): Section A, Seat NS 14
Nicola O’Dowd & Annmarie O’Donnell (Ireland): Section C, Seat NS 34
Nigel Richardson & Kathy Richardson (UK): Section B, Seat NS 12
Norma Griffith & Anthony Griffith (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 5
Norma Luks & Carol Spence (Canada): Section c, Seat EW 55
Pam Huish & Rachel Mitchell (UK): Section C, Seat NS 45
Pamela Jensen & Wayne Burrows (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 22
Pat Oyston & Martin Oyston (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 38
Pat Williams & Sandy Wong (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 51
Patrick Carter & Lachie Shea (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 19
Paul Corry & Lynn Clough (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 18
Paul Littlewood & Fiona Littlewood (UK): Section A, Seat NS 2
Paul van der Linden & Vanda van der Linden (UK): Section B, Seat NS 2
Paula McTaggart & Alan Brame (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 13
Pauline Caust & Alan Bustany (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 39
Penny Van Der Riet & Sue Smith (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 47
Perelle Scales & Craig Mietzke (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 20
Peter Kiff & Sarah Gregory (UK): Section B, Seat NS 28
Peter Koorey & Thelma Ramsay (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 67
Peter Malpass & Bob Brown (UK): Section A, Seat NS 10
Peter Scott & Hari Patel (UK): Section B, Seat NS 43
Peter karol & Joanne Crockford (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 5
Phil Thompson & Neil Catherall (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 24
Philippa Cunningham & Paul Trotman (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 9
Prentice Smith & Nadine Williamson (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 2
Rakesh Kumar & Kevin Davies (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 14
Ratilal Ranchhod & Gerald Baptist (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 3
Ray Curnow & Ellen Curnow (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 49
Ray Heath & Martin Evered (UK): Section B, Seat NS 36
Richard Huelin & Patrick McCarthy (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 15
Richard James & Gwilym Daniels (UK): Section C, Seat NS 30
Richard Sissons & Jenny Kendall (UK): Section B, Seat NS 8
Rita Duckling & Jill Richardson (UK): Section C, Seat NS 24
Rob Fairhurst & John Carr (UK): Section B, Seat NS 57
Rob Parsons & Kathy Hince (UK): Section D, Seat NS 10
Rob Stephens & Lotte Sorensen (South Africa): Section A, Seat EW 6
Robyn Freeman-Greene & Dale Lacey (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 2
Robyn Green & Robert Philpott (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 22
Rod De Courcy-Ireland & Ingrid Ellis (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 5
Rod Sewter & Alun Jennings (UK): Section C, Seat NS 48
Roger Phillips & Karin Birch (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 56
Roger Sparkes & Joan Davies (UK): Section C, Seat NS 17
Roger Stock & Jane Stock (UK): Section B, Seat NS 39
Rona Cochrane & Judy Fowlie (UK): Section D, Seat NS 15
Rona Driscoll & John Driscoll (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 19
Rosa Mishkin & Allan Joseph (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 40
Rosalind Turner & Sue Knoll (UK): Section C, Seat NS 57
Rosanna Rees & Eunice Langton (UK): Section C, Seat NS 7
Russell Spear & Peter Napier (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 37
Sally Smith & Tony Hards (UK): Section B, Seat NS 60
Setsuko Lichtnecker & Peer Bach (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 8
Sharon Mosley & John Mosley (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 33
Sheena Liikson & Marilyn Chisholm (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 7
Shirley Crockett & Noel Crockett (Australia): Section A, Seat EW 13
Shirley Lattimore & Diane Groom (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 8
Simon Arcand & Ann Mau (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 59
Stephen Bligh & Dan Russell (UK): Section B, Seat NS 30
Stephen Colling & Mary Colling (Australia): Section B, Seat EW 18
Steve Gray & Lindsey Guy (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 56
Steve Smith & Ian McElroy (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 46
Stewart Pye & Robert Thomson (UK): Section B, Seat NS 14
Stuart Smith & Bill Rosie (UK): Section B, Seat NS 55
Sue Deakin & Chris Greatbach (UK): Section C, Seat NS 42
Sue Neville & Lesley Chester (UK): Section C, Seat NS 6
Sue Ozer & David Andrade (UK): Section B, Seat NS 45
Sue Parkins & Frances Connell (UK): Section A, Seat NS 6
Susan Basile & Kathryn Brown (New Zealand): Section D, Seat EW 9
Susan Charsley & Peter Dass (UK): Section C, Seat NS 10
Susan Lipton & Tony Georgeson (Australia): Section C, Seat EW 70
Susan lee & Cyril Lee (UK): Section C, Seat NS 47
Susanna Bain & Marilyn Janmaat (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 34
Suzanne Warring & Heather Child (UK): Section B, Seat NS 16
Suzanne de Vere & Stella Bridge (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 41
Suzie Laughland & Jane Mackie (UK): Section C, Seat NS 33
Sylvia Fletcher & John Fletcher (UK): Section C, Seat NS 23
Takayo Yanagisawa & Kevin Birch (New Zealand): Section B, Seat EW 12
Tam Penman & Ted Black (UK): Section A, Seat NS 12
Terrey Durbin & Sharon Deaker (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 43
Terry Kahn & Irene Mandel (Canada): Section C, Seat EW 57
Tom Martin & Sue Gardner (UK): Section B, Seat NS 61
Tom Tomazyzcsk & Ann Rooke (UK): Section B, Seat NS 53
Trevor Dawe & Walter Huda (UK): Section B, Seat NS 37
Tricia Bayley & Gay Calderwood (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 39
Trish Young & Anthony Wilson (New Zealand): Section C, Seat EW 45
Ursula Cattelan & Andy Bowers (Canada): Section B, Seat EW 25
Ursula Harrington & Eileen Nightingale (UK): Section B, Seat NS 4
Val Watson & John Watson (UK): Section B, Seat NS 44
Val Woodhart & Shirley Flegg (UK): Section C, Seat NS 39
Viv Cole & Helen Johnson (UK): Section C, Seat NS 60
Yuzhong Chen & James Yang (New Zealand): Section A, Seat EW 23
Yvonne Palmer & Stephanie Ford (UK): Section C, Seat NS 27