Reynolds Team Knockout, June 2024 - Conditions of Contest

Reynolds Team Games COC

Historically Reynolds Team Games has designated that the two team captains act as co-directors and adjudicate any potential infractions after the fact. This approach originally allowed RTG to be free and the new RTG RealBridge format to be inexpensive. If you want a director managed online event there are several available.


An undo must be granted if the individual indicates it is a mis-click. If it was not a mis-click and it was represented as such that is considered cheating, and the perpetrator would be barred. In the case of the RTG, that issue and other issues such as UI caused by hesitations or failure-to-alert will be handled by the two captains AFTER THE MATCH HAS ENDED and only involving the two captains. No discussion is permitted during the match.

If the two captains cannot agree they can agree on a third party or third parties to adjudicate. This adjudication, however, must be kept secret and must not be discussed with anybody. Specifically, discussing an infraction online on BW is grounds to be barred. (This has been done before.) If the captains wish the RTG organizers to adjudicate an infraction the price is one 750ml bottle of Mccallan 18 which Jim, Andy, Shireen and I will share. (This has been collected once before.)

Although RealBridge has agreed to provide an online director, that director is there for issues other than infractions.


You have 75 minutes to play 10 boards. (The announcement of 12 boards was a typo.) You must show up on time to play and play fast enough to finish on time. However, RTG has never imposed penalties for late play. Instead, players who are habitually late will not be allowed to play in subsequent events.


I, Tom Reynolds are solely responsible for handling cheating allegations. Andy, Shireen and Jim are not involved. I will adjudicate all cheating allegations and will bar anyone convicted. However, my investigation is totally private. A player who is barred is not necessarily a cheater. A player can be barred for a multitude of reasons and an explanation will not be given. (This also has happened before.)


Players are allowed to consult their notes during bidding and play.