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I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed RealBridge’s presentation of the Camrose over the weekend. The commentary from the various experts really made it …. even if they didn’t always know what the players we’re doing 😋. How could they?!
RealBridge is so far ahead. (Simon Woolham, UK, January 2023)

My compliments! I have never come across an online product with such perfect service. GREAT! Kurt Klingler

Thank you again and again and again … for creating RealBridge and introducing me into starting a session! It is so fun and my club members like it very much as well! Jutta from Germany

I just wanted to say 'thank you' to you and the RealBridge team for all your hard work. The training & taster sessions are great, and the last two releases have introduced some very helpful features - I'm impressed by the continual improvement of the product.  Steve (Cheltenham BC)

Thanks for another wonderful training session. The development of the environment is astounding! I really enjoy the ideas you drop in for teaching as well, they really make me think.  Ken for Hadley Wood Bridge Club  (November 2022)

Our club runs a weekly match point pairs session on RealBridge and recently ran the session for the first time as Swiss Pairs. 9 tables played 6 rounds of 4 boards, completing the session in 2 hours 25 minutes. Feedback was excellent; players appreciated the facilities on RealBridge to view results and see scores by round. For the director, the extra work was minimal, considerably easier than a f2f Swiss Pairs, and the event went very smoothly.

The club now plans to play Swiss Pairs once a month on RealBridge.

If your club hasn’t already tried Swiss Pairs on RealBridge, we recommend you try it. Thank you to RealBridge for this excellent system.

Shiona Dawson (March 2023)

RealBridge is absolutely amazing! I am truly impressed, also by the fact that it has run with absolutely no problems thus far in the tournaments that I have been involved in. Easy to use as well. Hats off! Jacob Duschek, EBL Tournament Director

The excellent British software, RealBridge, allows you to see and converse with your partner and opponents. It is as close to playing live bridge as is currently possible online. Duplicate, Teams and informal hands can be played, with a chance to review every bid made and card played. Paul Mendelson, Financial Times, March 16, 2021

I am a complete newcomer to bridge and as I have a number of friends who play bridge and love it, I thought I would give it a go.  I wasn’t sure if I would like it and have been surprised about how much I do – it’s very addictive!  Our lessons have been twice a week with face to face lessons with Stuart and Tina on a Monday (lead by Stuart who has done a fantastic job with lesson planning and teaching), followed up with an online RealBridge lesson led by Tina on a Wednesday.  The RealBridge lesson has really made a massive difference to my learning of the game as we have had the benefit of having an experienced bridge player sitting watching our table and helping and advising us as we are playing.  I think the combination of the two lessons, and especially the RealBridge lesson with an experienced player right there at the table overseeing, has resulted in our group making progress at a rate that we wouldn’t have otherwise made.

Sylvia Sinclair  (June 2022)

RealBridge is the best teaching platform ever and getting better all the time. Without it I would not still be teaching. Many thanks and best wishes for 2023. Helen Holman. January 2023

I directed my first pairs tournament today on RealBridge. The Director controls are well-designed and intuitive. The entire experience was so responsive and smooth, I can't wait to direct again. I have always enjoyed playing on RealBridge. Now I find that directing here is fun too. Your team has designed a superb platform. Thank you.  Kaustubh Bendre

RealBridge is  fantastic - I can't praise it  enough. It just gets better and better. All our club members rave about the service we get from your team. Terry Gregory. August 2022

SUCCESS !!! This morning at 7am got in with no trouble at all, I am one very happy bunny, went through each step meticulously and BINGO. Many thanks to all who tried to help me, so all being well will be playing on Wed aft. I missed seeing you all very much on Monday morning. RealBridge has been such a help to me in these horrible times. Thank you. D.  (from England, sent 9 March 2021)

…it's the online equivalent of actually being at the table; a great achievement by Graham Hazel. Tom Townsend, Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph

RealBridge is a great online experience. With integrated video and sound it’s almost like face-to-face bridge. Virtual screens and delayed vugraph enhance security and enjoyment for serious events. Try it, you’ll like it. Chip Martel, World Champion

I'd like to congratulate the team at RealBridge for a most successful international weekend. RealBridge is clearly here to stay! The platform is pleasant to play on and clearly more secure than other platforms. Brian Short, International Bridge Player and Captain, Scotland