iPads that have been upgraded to iOS 15

We updated this page on 7 October 2022.

Summary of the problems

Apple released iOS version 15.0 in September 2021. The latest version is 15.7. In iOS 15 they changed some internal functionality relating to browser-based audio and video. Because of this, many players have had problems when using RealBridge. There are several different types of problem:

  • Audio not working - not being able to hear other people.
  • Echoes, distortion or background noise.
  • Being disconnected when you arrive at a table. The director will see this as the iPad user not being logged in (so that their name turns dark grey).
    The player will see this as the Realbridge interface "freezing". After this, if the player refreshes the page, they may see a "Page Not Found" error.
  • Very quiet audio on the iPad Pro, and possibly some other models of iPad.

These problems can occur with any version of iOS that starts with 15.

Solution to the problems

If you have iOS 15, there are some settings changes that you must make. The changes take about 5-10 minutes.

If you would like us to talk you through this procedure, we are very happy to do that. Please contact support@realbridge.online for help, or phone us on +44 (0) 794 232 2209.

If you are happy to make the change yourself, we have provided two versions of the instructions:

For iOS 15 on RealBridge, after you have applied the changes, we recommend using Safari. Chrome may not work well, even with these settings changes.

Even if you are not having these problems, we recommend making this settings change anyway. If you don't, you risk getting the problem in future, in the middle of a bridge session.

If you do what we recommend, then you should now find that your iPad works acceptably with the latest version of RealBridge. If you have any further problems on RealBridge, please contact support@realbridge.online