Microphone problem with Lenovo laptops

We updated this page on 13 January 2022.

Summary of the problem

Some Lenovo laptops running Windows have this problem:

  • When you use your Lenovo laptop, you cannot be heard by anyone else.
  • There are no other audio/video problems. That is: on the Lenovo machine you can hear and see other players; other players can see you.
  • The problem occurs in Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, and all other Chromium-based web-browsers.
  • The problem does not occur in Firefox.
  • The problem started in June 2021 or later, after an update to the web-browser software.

Note: Only some Lenovo models have this problem. The affected machines are those that use the Conexant Audio driver.

For Edge users

We do not yet have a solution that works with Edge. If you use Edge as your web-browser, at present we recommend that you:

  • Install Chrome.
  • Follow the steps in the next section for changing the settings in Chrome.
  • Use Chrome for RealBridge.

We are investigating possible solutions for Edge users, so this advice may change in future.

Solution to the problem - for Chrome, Brave and Opera

This solution works for Chrome and most other Chromium-based browsers. It does not work for Edge.

1. In your web-browser, click in the address bar and:

  • If it is Chrome, type "chrome://flags" and press Enter.
  • If it is Brave, type "brave://flags" and press Enter.
  • If it is Opera, type "opera://flags" and press Enter.
  • If it is another browser (other than Edge), please use Google to find out how to change the flags, or contact support@realbridge.online for advice.

You should see something like this:

2. In the Search flags box, type "raw audio capture" and press enter. You’ll see this:

3. Next to the entry for Raw Audio Capture, change the dropdown to Disabled.

4. In the bottom right-hand corner, click Relaunch. Your web-browser will close and then reopen.

5. Next time you play on RealBridge, you should find that the problem is solved.  If you wish to test this before the next time you play, please contact support@realbridge.online


The images above are for Chrome. For other web-browsers, the settings pages may look slightly different, but they should work in the same way.

If you use more than one web-browser, you will have to make the same change on each browser.

If this does not solve the problem:

  • You may have one of the generic problems described on our Windows media support page
  • You may have another Lenovo-specific problem, caused by an update to the audio drivers. We can explain how to solve that problem too, so please contact us. 

If you have any difficulty with this procedure, please contact support@realbridge.online for further assistance.