I can't be heard on RealBridge

Go to Camera and Microphone Test and see if the green bar moves when you speak at the bottom of the page. Make sure to click start test.

  • If the green bar moves when you speak, your microphone is working correctly.
  • If the green bar doesn't move, try the following:

Make sure that you are using Google Chrome

Install and use Google Chrome on all Android Tablets. Users have a much more positive experience using Google Chrome. Once installed, retest your microphone and camera.

Make sure that it is the full version of Chrome. Some Android tablets are supplied with a cutdown or customised version of Chrome. To get the full version of Chrome, use the App Store to look for Google Chrome, or go to the Google Chrome website.

Some Android tablets are supplied with a non-Chrome browser. For example, Samsung Galaxy devices have Samsung Internet Browser set as the default internet browser. This is an inferior browser and leads to a bad user experience.

Enable Access - Google Chrome

Make sure your browser has access enabled to your microphone

1. Go to Camera and Microphone Test and look for the padlock icon in the top left corner of the screen. It is on the left of the address bar.


2. Update the Permissions to Allow both camera and microphone. Then reload the page and start the test again.

I can't be seen on RealBridge

Close other Applications

Make sure to close any other applications that may also be using your camera, for example, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Reload RealBridge after you have done this.

I can't see or hear others on RealBridge

Redial to re-establish a connection

Sometimes there is an interruption in an internet connection. There is a redial button on RealBridge that restarts the audio and video connections. Use it if the connection fails, or if your audio and video get out of sync. You will always remain at the table while this is taking place.

Sit closer to the router or use a wired connection

To see if this is something you need to do, test your internet speed. We recommend this tool. You will need a minimum of 10-15 Mbps of download speed and 5-10 Mbps of upload speed. If you are not getting this from where you are sitting. Move closer to your router and re-run the test.