Display 1 to 13 cards. A tool for teachers, websites & magazine editors

This tool is best described by way of examples. Under the instructions you will see some more examples.

To show some cards, with none popped out, do this

Put the cards you would like to appear in this format:


So, each card is in lower case, and the letter after it is the suit.

You can put them in any order you like, eg spades on the left, then hearts (or start with clubs, then diamonds).

To get a 10, use t.

To show some cards, with one popped out, do this


So, each card is in lower case, and the letter after it is the suit.

To get a 10, use t. To make one pop out, use upper case suit. Here, you see "qH". The queen of hearts will pop out.

To show some cards, with two (or more) popped out, do this


Here, both the King of diamonds and the 4 of diamonds are popping out.

To show some cards, one or more, spaced out, do this


Here, the cards after the h are displayed, spaced out and upright. You will need to put &s=1 at the end.

here are more examples:


The link for the last one is here:


To change the background colour, do this

Lower, the word after &b=  is beige.

for the background colour, you need to use
- any HTML colour name https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_colornames.asp
- or: rgb(R, G, B) where R,G,B are values in 0-255

Example colour names are below:



More examples