You Say

RealBridge is a great online experience. With integrated video and sound it’s almost like face-to-face bridge. Virtual screens and delayed vugraph enhance security and enjoyment for serious events. Try it, you’ll like it. Chip Martel, World Champion

I'd like to congratulate the team at RealBridge for a most successful international weekend. RealBridge is clearly here to stay! The platform is pleasant to play on and clearly more secure than other platforms. Brian Short, International Bridge Player and Captain, Scotland

RealBridge is fantastic. You deserve all the success that you get. Nicola Smith MBE

Our event is running smoothly and all the players are happy for a new excellent experience with RealBridge. RealBridge is number one. Waleed El Menyawi Assistant Chief TD (WBF), Chief TD (ABF, BFAME, ABL & EBF)

I'd like to congratulate Graham and yourself on running the two very successful international matches yesterday on RealBridge. It all seemed to go smoothly, and Graham in particular should feel proud of his achievements over the past few months. It’s a remarkable achievement in such a short space of time! Damien Byron, Manager of The New Melville Bridge Club, Scotland

Thank you so much for developing such great bridge software. Marianne Harding

The Tollemache weekend was a big success, so thank you for all your hard work and preparation in making it so! Gordon Rainsford, EBU Chief Executive/Chief TD

I am very happy running sessions and all are actually thoroughly enjoying RealBridge. I hope it’s growing well for you and your colleagues. Miriam Drysdale, Bridge Teacher, Scotland

I don’t think I could praise Shireen enough.  For us, Realbridge has been a wonderful breakthrough – the one thing I really needed to keep my group together and playing and they absolutely love it.  As “director” so do I. Phil Thomas, Martley Bridge Club