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Zone 8 Qualification

Watch the African Bridge Federation's qualification event for the World Championships on, 29 May - 13 June. The event starts with the two-day All Africa Pairs, followed by a week of qualification for the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup, and finally the qualifiers for the d’Orsi Senior Trophy and Wuhan Trophy. For event details and bulletins see

Nordic Open Teams Championships

The Nordic Open Teams Championships will be held on RealBridge on 29-30 May. The competition involves a representative team from each of the six Nordic nations, in six different categories, featuring some of the best players in the world. See the action in near real-time on

Juan Les Pins on RealBridge

The famous Juan Les Pins festival will be held on Realbridge on 13-16 May.  Details at Festivals du Soleil, or see the English translation on the Neapolitan Club page.

JLall3 Teams

Congratulations to Nick Nickell's team for winning the USBF's JLall3 Teams. The knockout rounds featured some scintillating video commentary on