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HCL Bridge Federation Event

The HCL Bridge Foundation, the biggest sponsor of Contract Bridge in India, has just completed a 9-day 'Year End 2020' tournament on RealBridge. The tournament was conducted by Bridge From Home, India's premier bridge event organizer, and one of the earliest adopters of the RealBridge platform.

The 64-team teams event comprised 9 rounds of Swiss to determine 16 qualifiers, who then played a 5 stage Knock Out in a repechage format. In a tense 48-board final between two of India's top teams, Hemant Jalan narrowly defeated Rampage.

162 pairs entered the pairs event, which featured 3 rounds of elimination before 28 pairs settled down to play a day-long Howell movement. The winners were Abhijit Chakarbory and Satyabrata Mukherji, with Sunit Chokshi and Swarnendu Banerji runners up.

For more information about future Bridge From Home events, please visit the Bridge From Home website:

Norwegian Bridge Federation

The Norwegian Bridge Federation has taken up RealBridge in a big way. In the past month, the NBF has held over 100 different sessions on RealBridge. The largest of these had 100 pairs.

English Bridge Union

Following the successful hosting on RealBridge of the Autumn Congress and the Tollemache - the English Bridge Union's premier inter-county event - the EBU have announced that their Year End Congress will be held on RealBridge on 27-30 December.  Full details here:

USA Bridge Federation

A few weeks ago the US Bridge Federation hosted the prestigious JLall Online Teams on RealBridge. This was very well received both by the players and by the large number of kibitzers, using our secure deferred kibbitzing system. The USBF has now announced the JLall Online Teams #2, to be held on February 12-15. For further information see: JLall Online Teams #2