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Calling all Junior Bridge Players!

Junior bridge players around the world are invited to play on Sunday 3rd July and Sunday 10th July. 

Please see here: 

2022 JLall Online Teams #6

The sixth USBF JLall Online Teams event (JLall6) will be held from June 18-19 and 25-26 on RealBridge. It will be  similar to earlier JLall events.

Jlall6 is open to all Active USBF members. An Active member is one who has paid USBF dues. All players must have paid 2022 dues on or before June 1, 2022.

2022 JLall Online Teams #6 | / - United States Bridge Championships (USBC) (

Bernard Teltscher Trophy, May 2022

RealBridge provides Vugraph and online kibitz for the Bernard Teltscher Trophy, May 2022

The Tony Priday Award

When the Covid-19 pandemic started and people were flooding onto the existing online bridge platforms, Graham Hazel and Shireen Mohandes recognised the shortcomings of what was then on offer and they used their extensive backgrounds in technology and gaming to provide something that not only addressed those shortcomings but also went far beyond most of our expectations, allowing us in the EBU to run our congresses in ways that are as close as possible to their live equivalents. In doing so they have also played a real role in helping people to play social bridge, often with those in different parts of the world, and in this way they have helped them survive the worst effects of the pandemic.

This award is made in recognition of the pivotal role RealBridge has played in providing a really social aspect to online bridge as well as providing serious online bridge events with greatly improved security.

The Tony Priday Award | English Bridge Union (