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Junior Battle 5 July 2022

A great opportunity to see USA's finest juniors in the United States Bridge Federation junior training program take part in an exhibition match.

James Holzhauer (of Jeopardy! fame), and Zach Grossack each captain a team. Commentators are international stars of the game, Larry Cohen and George Jacobs. You will see and hear them, live, commentating. Ask them a question in text or in video.

Calling all Junior Bridge Players!

Junior bridge players around the world are invited to play on Sunday 3rd July and Sunday 10th July. 

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2022 JLall Online Teams #6

The sixth USBF JLall Online Teams event (JLall6) will be held from June 18-19 and 25-26 on RealBridge. It will be  similar to earlier JLall events.

Jlall6 is open to all Active USBF members. An Active member is one who has paid USBF dues. All players must have paid 2022 dues on or before June 1, 2022.

2022 JLall Online Teams #6 | / - United States Bridge Championships (USBC) (

Bernard Teltscher Trophy, May 2022

RealBridge provides Vugraph and online kibitz for the Bernard Teltscher Trophy, May 2022