Latest News

English Bridge Union

Following the successful hosting on RealBridge of the Autumn Congress and the Tollemache - the English Bridge Union's premier inter-county event - the EBU have announced that their Year End Congress will be held on RealBridge on 27-30 December.  Full details here:

USA Bridge Federation

A few weeks ago the US Bridge Federation hosted the prestigious JLall Online Teams on RealBridge. This was very well received both by the players and by the large number of kibitzers, using our secure deferred kibbitzing system. The USBF has now announced the JLall Online Teams #2, to be held on February 12-15. For further information see: JLall Online Teams #2

London's Young Chelsea Bridge Club

London's famous Young Chelsea Bridge Club will hold their online tournament on RealBridge on 15-17 January. Details: YC Online Congress

James Holzhauer v Zach Grossack : junior battle

James Holzhauer (of Jeopardy! fame), and Zach Grossack each captained a team for a battle. Zach's team won. More challenge matches are coming later this year.