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Where can I play RealBridge?

This page contains information for players about where to play RealBridge, and how to use the RealBridge platform.

RealBridge Player Guide

Revised 21 November 2020

At the table

When you arrive at the table, you will be able to see and talk to the other players. After the Director starts the first round, you will see your hand. When it is your turn to bid, a bidding box will be shown in the middle of the table.

These are the main elements of the screen:

During the auction

Making a bid

When it is your turn to bid or play, your name is highlighted in yellow

To bid, simply click the bidding card. If you are using one-click mode, the bid will be made and will appear in front of you, just as when you bid in face-to-face bridge.

If you are using two-tap mode (see Settings below) the bidding card is selected, and all the other bidding cards disappear. If the bid you wanted is shown, click it again to confirm the bid; if you had clicked the wrong bid, click somewhere else on the table to bring the bidding box back.

Alerts and explanations

The standard way of alerting in RealBridge is as in face-to-face bridge. When your partner makes a conventional bid, you click your alert card. The Alert card will briefly be displayed against partner's bid. Partner's bidding card will change colour to indicate that it has been alerted.

Explanations are as in face-to-face bridge too. An opponent asks you what the bid means by speaking, and you explain by speaking.

RealBridge also allows "self alerts" and written explanations. This option will be explained in the Self alerts section in a subsequent edition of this guide.

Jump bids

If a player makes a jump bid, the system displays the "Stop" card for a few seconds. While the "Stop" card is shown, the next player will be unable to bid.


If you make a misclick, and if the rules of the event allow undos, click the Undo button. Each opponent will be prompted to accept or reject the undo. If they accept it, the bidding goes back to before your last call. If they don't accept it, you will see a message saying this.

You can only obtain an undo if both opponents are at the table. If an opponent is not at the table (for example if they were temporarily disconnected) they are unable to accept the undo, so the undo will be rejected by the software. Wait for the missing opponent to return, then request the undo again.

If there is any doubt or disagreement about whether an undo should be allowed, call the Director. The Director will be able to adjudicate according to the rules of the event.

During the play

When play starts, dummy appears on the table. The cards played to each trick are shown in the middle of the table. Some more buttons now become relevant:

Playing a card

To play, simply click the card you want to play. If you are using one-click mode, the card will be played and will appear in the middle of the table.

If you are using two-tap mode (see Settings below) the card is moved partly out of your hand. To confirm the play, click anywhere in the bottom half of the table. To change the card, click somewhere else (for example, in your hand).
When you first start using two-tap mode, RealBridge shows you the area to click to confirm a play. You can hide this by clicking the Hide button.


Either declarer or a defender can claim some or all of the remaining tricks. Click the Claim button, then select the number of tricks that you are claiming. Just as in face-to-face bridge, you should state your line of play at the same time as your claim.

After you have claimed as declarer, both defenders are prompted to accept or reject your claim. If they both accept, the result is recorded and the deal ends. If either defender rejects the claim, the platform displays a message saying that the claim has been rejected. After a rejection, you should call the director to adjudicate the claim, or claim again (perhaps for a different number of tricks), or if everyone agrees you can also play on.

If a defender claims, both declarer and the other defender are prompted to accept or reject the claim. (This is because a defender is allowed under Law 68B2 to object to his partner's claim.)

If play continues after a claim, the non-claiming side can see all four hands.


Undos in the play work in the same way as undos in the bidding. If an undo is accepted, the play goes back to before your last play.

Again, if there is any doubt or disagreement about whether an undo should be allowed, call the Director.


If you click the Settings icon, you will see various options for controlling the appearance and functionality of the screen:



Audio and video controls

The screen also contains some buttons for controlling audio and video:

The director

You can call the Director by clicking the Director button. When the Director is at the table, you will see him in the top left-hand corner of the screen. You can see and talk to him just as with the other players.

Scores and Results

You can see the running scores and the results of completed boards by clicking the Scores button. The scores window is also displayed at the end of each round. The first thing you see is the ranking list.

Ranking list

From the main ranking list, you can nagivate to the results for a pair. From the board-number buttons at the bottom, you can navigate to the results for a board.

Partnership scorecard

This shows you all the results for a single pair.

Board results

This shows you all the results on a single board.

Bidding and Play

This allows you to view the bidding at a single table, and step through the play.

Teams events

For teams events there are seven different views of the scores.

Where can I play RealBridge?

Revised 17 November 2020

RealBridge provides a platform for bridge clubs and organisations to run their own events. There are already over 230 different organisations using RealBridge.

To try RealBridge, ask your own club about playing in their events on RealBridge, or contact one of the clubs listed below. These organisations offer events and teaching on RealBridge, and welcome enquiries from visitors.

Name Website Country Description
Ace of and evening duplicates. Main and social standards. Supervised play. See website for session times.
Adam Wiseberg Bridge Duplicates Monday afternoon
Allendale Bridge web site for details
Andrew Robson Bridge Supervised Play, Duplicates and Gentle Duplicates
Asd Bridge Filarmonica Macerata in Italian Bridge Federation
ASD BRIDGE MARTINA evenings duplicates every Monday and Friday
Associazione Bridge Palermo ASDItaly
BBA County Bridge Events
Bracknell Forest Bridge Club sessions on Monday evenings
Bramhall & Cheadle Hulme Bridge Centre
BRIDGE CLASSES LIVEwww.bridgeclasseslive.comUKOnline Teaching and Supervised Play Sessions
Bridge Club can host your RealBridge.Online games. Times to suit your Club.
Bridge From Homebridgefromhome.comIndiaManages events of all sorts from National Championships to Club Friendlies
Bridge Online Alliance of Bridge Clubs offering both friendly and competitive RealBridge on weeknights.
Bridge Today session every Thursday morning
BridgeLesson.combridgelesson.comUSAInstructional duplicate games hosted by Professional Players and Teachers
Buskerud bridgekrets tournaments for mebers of Buskerud bridgekrets
ButtazzoniBC Lessons & Supervised Duplicate Games
BWS Virtual Bridge afternoon duplicate from 1:30pm. Other sessions to follow
Lessons and supervised play to be held on RealBridge
Cathryn CollinsUKDirector for daytime sessions
Circolo Quadri LivornoItalyTournament and lessons every day
Declan Byrne {Republic}Morning Bridge Game - Classes - Workshops - Tutored Play - Tournament Director
Dunfermline Bridge Club evening duplicates every Tuesday
East Wales Bridge Area Events
Eden Bridge Evening NGS 9 or below, Tue,Wed open anyone
Elaine KayUK
Enfield Duplicate Bridge 18 board duplicate bridge session on thursdays, starting 7.30pm
English Bridge Union and other national competitions
Estepona Bridge for all members and friends of the Estepona Bridge Club
Exeter Bridge afternoon duplicate every Friday
Gardenvale Bridge Play and Friendly Social Duplicate
Gary Conrad T/A Bridge
Good Bridge Game Among Bridge Friends From Indonesia
Grand Master Bridgewww.grandmasterbridge.comIreland {Republic}Friendly evening duplicates every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights - starting in January 2021
Great Yarmouth Bridge School Duplicates Monday Morning and Thursday Afternoons
Hafslo og Gaupne bridgeklubb for Sogn - Torsdag
Haga og Aurskog BridgeklubbNorwayFriendly games for the club
Halifax Bridge Club C.I.O.
Kent Contract Bridge for Kent Members
Kings and Queens Bridge Club
Kyle of Lochalsh Bridge bridge 4.00pm on Fridays
Latina Progetto Bridge ClubItalyTornei settimanali
Leinster DublinLccsports.netIreland {Republic}Friendly Pairs Wednesday and Sunday
Leverstock Green Bridge Club pairs Monday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, supported bridge Thursday evenings - please see the website.
Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association
Linda LordCanadaFun bridge
Lisvane Bridge duplicates on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings
London Metropolitan Bridge Association Point Swiss Pairs - Sunday 6 December
Maureen Bridge following EBU Bridge for All course. Also running friendly duplicate and teams events for Novice and Intermediate players
Middlewich Bridge Improvers Duplicates Thursday mornings
Mike with supervised play and teaching
Natasha ClarkeUKFriendly supervised bridge
New South Wales Bridge
Oasis Play sessions on Saturday mornings from January 2021
O'Keeffe Bridgeokeeffebridge.comUKFriendly duplicates every morning Monday - Friday, Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon
Oxfordshire Bridge Association teams on the fourth Thursday of every month (not December 2020)
Park-Bridge-Club Grazwww.bridgegraz.atAustriaPBC-Graz - Hausturniere während des Corona-Lockdowns
PASOSpainMonday to Saturday
Penylan Bowling & Cardiff Bridge Club Duplicate, (Supported play), Monday Evening and Thursday Morning
Pinner Gentle Duplicate
Plymouth Bridge
Prestwick Bridge ClubUKTuesday evening at 7 pm visitors welcome
Rajkot Bridge Club and under development IndiaOrganize National Levels and club level competitive and friendly Tournaments
Rhiwbina Bridge Club duplicate on Wednesday evenings. See club website for details.
Richmond Bridge Clubrichmondbridgeclub.comUKFriendly Gentle, Competitive Duplicate and Supervised Play every weekday - all levels of play very welcome
Richmond Hill Bridge Club duplicate bridge club
Robertakiwww.robertaki.itItalyFriendly evening duplicates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Rochford and Rayleigh Bridge ClubUKFriendly evening duplicates every Tuesday and Thursday
Sangam Bridge duplicates every Wednesday afternoon
Sarah Amos and teaching services December Congress Mixed Bronze Pairs
Shankill Tennis Bridge ClubIreland {Republic}Wednesday evening pairs
South Bucks Bridge Clubsouthbucksbridge.clubUKOnline Duplicate 6 days a week for Club members and guests
Street Bridge bridge on Tuesday evenings. Contact
Stroud Bridge Club duplicates on Wednesday evenings. Some Sundays too.
Sunshine Coast Bridge ClubBridgewebs -- Africa -- South Africa - Eastern Cape PairsSouth AfricaFriendly Bridge for all Eastern Cape, lower South Coast and Free State players
The Bombay Contract Bridge tournaments for Bridge players and clubs in Mumbai
The Bridge Academywww.bridgeacademync.comUSA
Tom ReynoldsUSAPractice and play for Reynolds Team
Vigfus Palssonvip.isIcelandNorthern Lights Tournaments
Walton & Hersham Bridge Club Duplicates every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
Warminster Bridge Club bridge for club members and their friends, Wednesday evenings
Watford and Bushey Bridge evening duplicate on Friday, Teaching Sessions
Waverley Bridge offering Supervised Duplicate and Workshops expanding to Bridge for all level, 6 days per week
Westwood Duplicate Bridge Club
WGCBC Limited am club duplicate, Thursday am level 2 duplicate, Wednesday pm competitive duplicate